Making nigari lotion

For sprinkling on the face, arms and legs.

(1) Dilute one part nigari to 100 parts water. Put it into a spray bottle and shake well. Because the strength of nigari can sometimes excite the skin, so start with a high dilution and slowly lessen it.

(2) Lightly spray nigari onto your face or the palms of your hands.

*Start with a dilution of 1:100 and gradually adjust it to suit yourself.

As it moistens the face and hands so well, nigari water should work well to keep your skin looking beautiful.

Warning: Directions for usage vary with different nigari companies. Read the directions.

Nigari deep cleansing

Kameyamado's nigari particles are ultra-fine due to the ion exchange dialysis process. These ultra-fine particles can permeate deeply into the skin. Nigari lather removes skin debris in the pores, because magnesium bonds with skin debris.

The rate of natural cell rejuvnation slows as one ages. Whereas natural cell rejuvenation takes twenty-eight days for a person in their twenties, it takes forty days for a person in their fifties. As longer natural cell rejuvenation slows, the color of one's skin darkens because the keratin layer of the epidermis becomes thicker. Kameyamado's nigari cleansing can remove the excess keratin which plugs up your pores.

Before using Kameyamado nigari with soap
Make lather with your favorite facial soap. Apply lather to face.
Squeeze 5 drops of Kameyamado Nigari onto the remaining lather in your hands. Rub hands gently a few times. (Rubbing too hard will create too many flakes.)
Continue to wash your face. Pay special attention to the area around the nose, and to blemishes. You will feel the flakes on the skin, leave on as a nigari-pack for about a minute.
Apply new facial soap and wash clean. Oil, bacteria, dirt and excess keratin are removed. Your skin is now refreshed and is smooth as a baby's skin.