Replenishing your Minerals with Nigari Water

There are so many different kinds of mineral water around it is hard to know which is which, but now you can make mineral nigari water in your own home.

Most of the mineral waters on the market have a high content of calcium, which is necessary for the calcium-deficient people of today. However these types of mineral water are not useful in all cases. For example, if you put mineral waters like these into tea the tannin combines with the calcium and settles to the bottom of the cup. In cooking rice the calcium forms a film over the rice blocking the water from soaking in properly, causing the rice to harden.

But there is a type of mineral water that acts as a supplement but also goes well with tea or cooking rice - mineral water made with nigari. The magnesium in nigari is being called a miracle mineral these days. It is a difficult substance to find in most supplements or mineral waters, but now you can easily make a high-magnesium mineral water by adding quantities of nigari to water. Nigari water works effectively to burn body fat, eliminate waste matter and excess water, remove excess salt and more. Not only does it rid the body of excess water but it also works on the bowels to relieve constipation. The removal of waste matter and backed-up feces from the bowel also leads to better looking skin. Furthermore the minerals not only help the metabolism but also improve the immune system, acting as a barrier to cold, flu and other such external viruses. Taking nigari water together with the citric acid found in fruits works to further increase the rate of mineral absorption.

These days a lot of people are asking which water is good for drinking nigari with. As a result of trials at the nigari research center we have learned that alkali ion water is the most effective against the symptoms of various illnesses. Hence the best water for insuring the spread of minerals to every part of the body is alkali ion water. Many people affected with hay fever who had found nigari with tap water to be ineffective against their symptoms reported that nigari with alkali ion water caused a significant improvement in their condition.