Natural Nigari 1 liter

Highly concentrated. With PCBs (dioxins) and heavy metals such as mecury arsenic and lead removed, Natural Nigari is completely free of impurities. Safe and packed full of minerals.

Nigari Hot Springs
4 liters

Small size to take with you anywhere, and the bottle has a handle so it's easy to carry.

Nigari Hot Springs
10 liters

We've made the nigari you can use in a bath into an economy size pack. Experience a mineral spa in your own home. Perfectly drinkable as well.

Admira Blue
Clear Cleansing Soap 110g

Nigari removes dirt and impurities, while the camellia oil prevents post-wash dryness and roughness. Forumulated with plant compount essences and Royal Jelly essence, the result is a naturally glowing complexion.

Hydrate Lotion
(Eau de toilette) 100 ml

The effective elements of nigari, bio-hyaluronic acid, collagen and placenta essence, combined into a high-grade genuine article lotion. The light pink color is not artificial coloring but the natural color of vitamin B12.

Hair and Body Shampoo 400 ml

Natural amino acid compound proteins protect against dandruff and itchiness while repairing damaged hair and split ends, leaving a lovely sheen. The camelai oil moisturizes dry hair. Your hair will feel the difference immediately.

Aqua Liquid Foundation
(Beige/Ochre) 20 ml

A liquid foundation (no need for powder) that uses plant oils as its base for a clear, stain-free complexion that doesn't damage skin. Use in small amounts. Long lasting. Great for covering pores and dark patches.

Essence Precious
(Beauty Water) 30 ml

Nigari luxuriously combined with ribonucleic acid imported from France. Using the oleic acid triglyceride of camellia oil (The closest to our natural body oils), this beauty water oxidizes slowly and is remarkable for its stability.