Mineral Deposits

Something is building up down there…..

Sometimes crystals form on the bottom of the PET bottle. These are called “carnallite” or hydrated potassium magnesium chloride. This is to be expected with natural nigari – in fact, their non-appearance would be a sign that the nigari was not natural. The crystals are more likely to appear when the temperature drops, which is why we at Kameyamado recommend storing it at room temperature. Sedimentation is likely to occur in winter if you store it in a place with varying temperatures.

Is it safe to use?

It is not harmful as such, but due to the high concentration of the crystals, licking or drinking them can cause the body to over-absorb too many minerals, so we recommend either removing it at last or using it as bath salts.

For a normal bath we recommend 100-180cc, but since in this case there is a higher concentration, please use slightly less. Your skin will feel soft and moist after a bath with this! For your winter baths, nigari is just the thing.