How to Use Nigari

For Drinking:

Take nigari as a nutritional supplement, drinking it 5 times a day, “3 drops to 100cc”

Every person is different, so use the above as a guide while searching for the best amount for you. It tastes like slightly salty water, so if you dislike the taste, you can try putting it in coffee, juice or even miso soup.

In Cooking:

Rice: 3 cups rice, 600mls water, 10 drops (0.5cc) nigari

Crispy fried chicken: 300g chicken, 20 drops (1cc) nigari

*Add seasonings last

Miso soup (for 4): 800mls water, 10 drops (0.5cc) nigari

*Add with other large ingredients

Beef curry stew: 120ml water, 30 drops (1.5cc) nigari

*Add with water

Making use of nigari brings out the real flavors of the original ingredients.

In the Bath:

Roughly ½-⅔ a cup of nigari (100-180mls) into a standard household bath.

Use nigari diluted to about 1/1000th. Bathing with nigari removes built-up waste matter from your skin.

For Your Skin:

Pour about 20 drops of nigari into 100mls of water.

As each person’s different, experiment to find the right amount for yourself, using the above as a guide. After shaking well sprinkle onto areas of concern. It’s best to start using a small amount at first.

How to make nigari mineral water:

(1) Put 3-5 drops of nigari into a glass (one drop ­= 0.05cc)

(2) Add 100cc of water or juice and it's ready to drink

About five cups a day is reasonable

For greater mineral absorption, drink nigari with lemon or other citric acid containing substances.

*As nigari stimulates the blood's metabolism, those with kidney problems should avoid its use.

*As our company's nigari is of high, natural concentration, the methods of use differ substantially from those of other companies.

How to drink nigari water (to increase absorption drink with fruits or other organic matter.)

When to drink: Preferably on an empty stomach
Amount: 180cc
Temperature: 8°